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I really like socks. That love of socks brought me to sock knitting machines. I’ve got both and antique Legare 400 and a new manufacture Erlbacher Gearhart Speedster. We’ve all been on a few adventures recently.

First, we went to the CSKMS conference in Denver. I was really excited to be back at my old stopping grounds. I learned so much at the conference. And I was able to switch out some of the cylinders for my Speedster.

IMG_20150730_180919074 1nvkh-xsza72


There aren’t enough sock knitters in Utah. I’m the only member of the CSKMS in this state and the only owner of an Erlbacher. So when the Great basin fiber arts fest rolled around, I decided to demo the machines.


I made two pairs of socks the weekend I was there. And a few little bags. I had the Speedster set up with an actual sock and I just had a tube on the Legare.

I love my machines. In fact, I’m fighting the urge to go knit on them RIGHT NOW. 😎

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