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Knit sweater

I knit myself a sweater.


It is in Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable in the Dragonfly colorway. I was totally smitten with the colorway when I ran into the yarn at my not-so-local Michaels. Ok, I was smitten by about 75% of the colorways. I picked up a few that I loved the most (dragonfly, stained glass, and petunia). There may still be one *cough cough bistro cough cough* that I need to get.

Pattern is Gilet Court d’ete.  I started by making a large but in the end it was a little bigger than. Apparently while my chest is a large my arm are extra large. Ack. Good thing it’s top down and you can try it on. I also used my brand new Denise Interchangeable needles for this project. I’ve had them in the past and forgotten how much I love them.


Sadly a toddler taking your picture does not give the most flattering angles, but there it is on. I love it. It’s soft and I love the color gradation.

It was steam blocked but I found the yarn really bloomed after being washed.

Even though knitting a sweater is ‘knit till you feel like you are going to barf, then knit more,’ I actually am going to start another sweater here soon. You know, among the shawl, cowl, other sweater on the triangle loom, and last of the baby wrap on the weaving loom.

This sweater was very popular with the cats in the house.


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