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I really like socks. That love of socks brought me to sock knitting machines. I’ve got both and antique Legare 400 and a new manufacture Erlbacher Gearhart Speedster. We’ve all been on a few adventures recently.

First, we went to the CSKMS conference in Denver. I was really excited to be back at my old stopping grounds. I learned so much at the conference. And I was able to switch out some of the cylinders for my Speedster.

IMG_20150730_180919074 1nvkh-xsza72


There aren’t enough sock knitters in Utah. I’m the only member of the CSKMS in this state and the only owner of an Erlbacher. So when the Great basin fiber arts fest rolled around, I decided to demo the machines.


I made two pairs of socks the weekend I was there. And a few little bags. I had the Speedster set up with an actual sock and I just had a tube on the Legare.

I love my machines. In fact, I’m fighting the urge to go knit on them RIGHT NOW. 😎

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Knit sweater

I knit myself a sweater.


It is in Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable in the Dragonfly colorway. I was totally smitten with the colorway when I ran into the yarn at my not-so-local Michaels. Ok, I was smitten by about 75% of the colorways. I picked up a few that I loved the most (dragonfly, stained glass, and petunia). There may still be one *cough cough bistro cough cough* that I need to get.

Pattern is Gilet Court d’ete.  I started by making a large but in the end it was a little bigger than. Apparently while my chest is a large my arm are extra large. Ack. Good thing it’s top down and you can try it on. I also used my brand new Denise Interchangeable needles for this project. I’ve had them in the past and forgotten how much I love them.


Sadly a toddler taking your picture does not give the most flattering angles, but there it is on. I love it. It’s soft and I love the color gradation.

It was steam blocked but I found the yarn really bloomed after being washed.

Even though knitting a sweater is ‘knit till you feel like you are going to barf, then knit more,’ I actually am going to start another sweater here soon. You know, among the shawl, cowl, other sweater on the triangle loom, and last of the baby wrap on the weaving loom.

This sweater was very popular with the cats in the house.


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Nursery Music Kit

I’m the music leader for the nursery, or the kids ages 18 mos-3 years. Lots of nursery leaders like to put together a ‘kit’ of props and helps for the songs. Most suggestions I’ve seen consist primarily of laminated paper cut outs. Don’t get me wrong, I love laminated cut outs as much as the next person, but laminated paper is cold and solid. We have enough cold and solid in our life, I wanted more warm and soft in my kit.

That’s not really a problem considering how much fabric and fiber I have in my stash.

So my kit currently includes:


A sun and star wand. I also have a ‘stream’ wand that I didn’t photograph. Felt, fleece, stuffing, glue, ribbon and lace, with a little glitter smile.


Needle felted heart.


Hands on a stick. It seems silly because, hello, I have hands attached to my arms, but this does grab attention. I also discovered today that these are about the size of a 2 year old’s hands.


Mother and father bird with a nest and eggs. Needle felted. Mother bird sits on the nest with the three eggs, and father bird is made to look like he’s flying.


A tight knit family. My mother knit these for me. She’s amazing.

I’ve only used this kit for a few weeks, but the kids LOVE them. I have to encourage gentle touches with the birds, but the eggs can be (and are) squeezed a bunch. The family is a big hit- the kids noticed who in their class looked like the puppets.

I’ve got plans to add some more as the year goes on but even just these things gives us a full singing time. A full 10-15 mins, that is. Ah, the attention span of a 2 year old.