About Sweethaven Arts

Sweethaven Arts is the business side of the creative expressions of Loretta and Dave Armstrong. We have both been creative artists for more than 25 years.


Loretta began spinning and weaving and a child, and has constantly increased her skills and knowledge in fiber arts. She began theatre work in high school, graduated from the University of Northern colorado with a degree in Theatre Education. She then taught at the Denver School of the Arts in the Tech Theatre deprtment, running the costume shop and teaching middle and high school classes in Costuming.

In recent years, she has created and sold crafts online, taught sewing and spinning lessons, as well as written and sold a book on how to spin, and become a skilled face painter building upon her stage makeup experience.

Loretta is available for lessons, demonstrations, or performances of all of her skills.


Dave earned a degree in Fine Arts from Cornell College almost 20 years ago, which give him a broad knowledge base in creating art in almost any media. Although he mostly spends his creative energies on software development, he does partake in glass fusing and photography.

If you have any questions please email us at sweethavenarts@gmail.com